Front Office

wes bus
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Head Coach

Gahteeay, a leading businessman, sportsman and philanthropist in the city of Houston for more than 10 years, is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the Electric Horsemen. He is perhaps best known in the community as an avid Miller Lite proponent, which he has consumed large volumes of while watching football primarily at Bubba’s Bar and Grill since 2005. He has had previous coaching stints with the Retribution Honkytonkists and Denim Derelicts before concentrating his efforts on the Horsemen.

nicole glasses
Spirit Coordinator, Limited Partner

In reality, she hates the Electric Horsemen. In years past, she loved watching football on Sundays – but now Sunday is dedicated primarily to the Electric Horsemen and secondarily to Miller Lite. If she could disband the franchise, she would… but she can’t.

porter park
Old Man Turtle

Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Sole Heir

OMT specializes primarily in crying and pooping – although his peers might say his true strength is the frowny pre-cry baby face. He fell into his roles on the Horsemen almost by accident, but by listening to numerous podcasts a week he has honed his skills and proven to be a far better talent evaluator than his mother. He owns the most Electric Horsemen onesies and infant Ts of any baby.