2017 Keeper Selections

Julio Jones
Top 5 WR (2015 Franchise Tag)
He is the face of the Electric Horsemen. A member of the team since it’s inaugural 2012 season, Julio leads the franchise in starts with 52 – despite losing half of a season to injury. This year he faced a bit more misfortune, sitting out the playoffs with various lower body ailments, yet still finished as the WR6. In his 6th year with the Horsemen, he is determined to bring them to their 3rd straight championship.

Antonio Brown
Top 5 WR (2016 Franchise Tag)
If Julio is the face, Antonio is the rock. Drafted in 2013, Antonio has 3 less starts but leads the team in scoring by a large margin. He has played in every playoff game in franchise history, leading the team to a 5-1 record in the last 3 years and bringing home the championship trophy twice in three championship appearances. His WR3 finish in 2016 is somewhat misleading, as he trailed the top performer by 7 points and did not play in the final week of the season.

Le’Veon Bell
Top 5 RB
The Horsemen have yet to see a full season of what Le’Veon is capable of, as 2016 saw him miss the first few games of the season due to a drug suspension. What he has accomplished in his 17 career starts has been nothing short of amazing, though. He leads all RBs in franchise history with 17.0 PPG and was the undisputed leader of the team in this years playoffs, embarrassing the Nosebleeds to the tune of 47 points in their playoff meeting – the most points ever scored by a Horseman. If he can squeeze out a full season in 2017, he’ll surely crush his RB4 finish in 2016.

Lamar Miller
Top 15 RB
Lamar’s big shot to be a workhorse back proved to be a bit of a let down in 2016. He was mired with minor injuries throughout the latter half of the year, and could never quite overcome the hurdle that an awful quarterback poses. If he can stay healthy – and atop the Electric Horsemen depth chart – Miller has a shot to overtake Matt Forte and Alfred Morris in total starts by a running back. His fall in 2016 to a RB16 finish is not a trend he intends on continuing.

Todd Gurley

Top 15 RB
For similar reasons as Lamar Miller, the 2016 year was a nightmare for Todd Gurley. The Horsemen saw what could be after his 2015 season, though, and went to great lengths to secure his services for the coming season. They first traded Patriots Julian Edelman and LeGarrette Blount to the Extreme Baby Throwers for Mark Ingram. Once Ingram was brought in, he barely had time to unpack his bags. He was sent back to another bottom dweller, Straight Laced, along with the 2.06 in 2017 for Todd Gurley. If Gurley can boom like he did his rookie year, the Horsemen will no doubt be competing for a 3rd consecutive championship.

Michael Thomas
Top 15 WR (Rookie Tag)
With an aging pair of WR1s on the roster, it seemed time for a youth infusion. A poor showing by many of the rookie standouts in the 2017 combine – paired with Brandin Cooks drama – made 24 year old Michael Thomas exactly what the Horsemen needed. Acquired from Legs With Holes for franchise leading TE Tyler Eifert and the 1.10 in 2017, Thomas WR9 finish in his rookie season could be just the beginning as Brees continues to play at an elite level and the depth chart seems to be clearing way for him to shine. He looks set to battle Todd Gurley for a flex spot in weekly lineups, and as he did with Cooks, may aim to force him from the roster.