In a lost season, Horsemen look to the future with one year rebuild complete

It was what many would consider a magical run. Eight years into the Cosmopolitan Outlaw League, the Horsemen had not fallen below 6 wins once. In the last 6 years, they reached the finals 5 times. They had collected a ridiculous 4 championship rings. On the backs of Horsemen legends Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley ... More

Horsemen leap tall Hurd-le, begin 1 game winning streak

Welcome back, Julio. JULIO JONES GETS HIS 2ND TD OF THE DAY 😳 The real is back. (via @NFL) — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) October 18, 2020 In his first healthy game since week 1, the franchise leader in games played and points scored would have the 5th best game of his 8 1/2 ... More

Horsemen Lutz’d in nailbiter

Week 5 in the Cosmopolitan Outlaw League was a rollercoaster of emotions. A lot needed to happen after Miles Sanders only rush of more than 3 yards that went 75 yards for a touchdown... and after DeVante Parker's second catch of two in the game... for a touchdown. Matty Lice would have back to back zero touchdown pass ... More

Darrell Henderson trojan horse

It's obvious what happened here. The Nosebleeds intentionally let Darrell Henderson make his way to the Electric Horsemen knowing that their season was lost and they could benefit from helping the Horsemen spiral more out of control. Henderson would look like a gem when playing his old team, but he was placed there ... More

Thread of hope as Horsemen topple Nosebleeds

It wouldn't take any spectacular performances to route the Nosebleeds, as the Nosebleeds are entirely unspectacular. The Horsemen would have every player aside from their defense reach double figures for the first time this year and would be led by a surprising hero - Darrell Henderson Jr. The Nosebleeds dropped Darrell on ... More

BOTCJ pits worst 2 teams in league for first time in history

Week 2 was not the recovery the defending champion Electric Horsemen had in mind. While week 1 saw the losses of Le'Veon Bell and Michael Thomas to several week injuries, week 2 was not any more kind. Injuries were prevalent across the league, and the Horsemen would see another pair of wide receivers hobbled mid-game - ... More

Reigning champions drop third straight season opener

  The Horsemen enter week 2 much like their owner entered the week at work - hurting. For the owner, it was a weekend long cocktail of Ranch Waters, White Claws, Michelob Ultra Infusions, some IPAs and a couple Miller Lites - for the squad it was hamstrings, AC sprains and high ankle sprains. With two unempl... More

Horsemen start 2020 campaign as big underdogs in championship rematch

The Horsemen saw a massive collapse in 2019. By week 9 they were down to a 48% chance to make the playoffs and it looked like 2019 was going to be a rebuilding year. The aging champions had slowed. Antonio was, by all accounts, gone. The offseason rebuild would be a 5 keeper one. It was a dark time. But the 4-5 Horsemen ... More

Fitzmagical playoff run brings championship back home to Horsemen

The most unlikely hero for a most unlikely champion. It was a grueling season for the Horsemen. They teetered at .500 for most of the year, wobbling in and out of playoff contention, in what was easily one of the worst seasons in franchise history. They would average 101.87% of league average, surpassing only the ... More

Horsemen return to finals, meet dainty north foe

It was a miracle weekend. Coming in as 17 point underdogs to the defending champions was somewhat intimidating. They were the 5th highest scoring team in league history - averaging 124 points per game to the Horsemen's 110.9. They were 10-3... the Horsemen were 7-6. The two seed against the five seed, a five seed that ... More